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SCD Probiotics (EM)


This may be my most important product, a liquid mixture of beneficial microorganisms you spray on plants and soil for the many benefits these microbes bring.

The “ProBio Balance” is a “mother culture” that you can ferment with molasses and water to make 20X as much. When you do that, 1 quart will do 1/2 acre for a year. The pH paper will help you with this process.

The “Bio Ag” is a ready-to-go product, and 1 quart will do 1000 square feet for a year.

The “Herbal Probiotic Drink” is for human consumption and it’s truly excellent, too.

Mycorrhizal Fungi


This is a powder that can be mixed with seeds before sowing, rubbed on rootballs before planting, or dissolved in water and watered into existing gardens.

The fungal spores will attach to plant roots and spread out into the soil, helping plants get much more nutrition and water than they can get on their own, and protecting the roots from disease.

Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer


Seaweed contains natural plant growth regulators that improve plant health in many ways.

It’s especially known for helping plants deal with stress, like drought, cold, wind, and disease.

1 quart of the liquid will do 1000 square feet for 1 year, while 10oz of the powder will do 1000 square feet for about 3 years.

Sea Minerals Fertilizer


1 Quart

This is my favorite fertilizer because it’s so nutrient-dense, with 90+ elements, and although it’s more expensive, the application rate is lower than my other fertilizers.

That’s why 1 quart will do 1000 square feet for 3 years.

Liquid Fish Fertilizer


1 Quart

Fish is especially useful for its nitrogen and phosphorus, plus whole proteins, fats, and enzymes that feed the soil and arboreal food webs.

1 quart will do 1000 square feet for 1 year, or if you rotate it with sea minerals, it will last 2 years.

Blackstrap Molasses


1 Quart

This is especially used along with EM or ProBio Balance or Bio Ag to give the microbes some sugar to eat right away.

It’s also sticky, so whatever you’re spraying, it helps it stick better to plant leaves.

Hose End Sprayer


This is my favorite hose-end sprayer. It’s incredibly useful for getting inoculants and liquid fertilizers onto plant leaves.

I use it at least once a month, sometimes once a week.

Pure Neem Oil



This is the only “pesticide” I sell. It helps prevent and control many insects and diseases, is relatively non-toxic, and unlike most pesticides, seems to actually improve the health of the garden.

Although it’s mostly harmful to plant-feeding insects and so doesn’t have too much impact on pollinators unless you spray them directly, I still don’t spray it willy-nilly – only on plants that need it.