How To Grow Your Own Organic, Nutrient-Dense Food

To be optimally healthy, we need nutritious food, which can be hard to find anymore.

Even organic farmers have a tough time growing food that’s as nutritionally-dense as what you can grow in your backyard or your balcony.

But growing organic food comes with challenges: insects destroy your plants, weeds take over, fruits and veggies just don’t go anywhere.

And all of that before we get to nutrition side of things.

But I’m here to help with all of that. I’ll give you a few things to check out down below…

Holistic Gardening Handbook

Free Download

This 92-page ebook is a condensed version of my full book, Building Soils Naturally. The main things you’ll learn are:

  • How to use compost and microbial inoculants to diversify the soil and arboreal food webs, because its these organisms that feed and protect plants
  • How to test your soil and fertilize organically, because balancing soil nutrients is crucial for growing healthy plants
  • How to control pests and weeds forever, without chemicals, by focusing on their root causes
Garden Organic

FREE Food Growing Course

This is my most recent project, 22 lessons (video, text, and images).

We start by preparing the soil, then move to designing the garden, then planting it, and finally maintaining and harvesting it.

At each step, there are things you can do to increase the nutrition in the food.

And fortunately, doing that also improves flavor, increases storage time for winter, and decreases insects pests (because insects eat plants that are low in nutrients).

Garden Bench

PAID Food Growing Course

Same as the above, but 500 or so lessons instead of 22, 1000s of photos, and direct access to me for all of your questions.

It’s for people who are ready to go much deeper.

The process is not region-specific, so it doesn’t matter where you live in the world. My goal is to teach you how to improve your soil, control pests, and build a thriving ecosystem, which is the same process wherever you are.

More than 800 people have joined since I started it.

Garden Bird

Choose Your Own Adventure

For more casual learning, you can go to the blog to see all lessons from newest to oldest.

Through a combination of video and text, I’ll show you how to improve soil and plant health using inoculants, compost, fertilizers, and more.

Some years I post 20 lessons and other years I’m too busy to post anything at all, but the lessons are evergreen, so feel free to go back through them.

Garden Book

Organic Fertilizers

Many people come here because they want to grow healthier plants.

I’ve learned that the most common 2 goals are to grow:

  1. Plants that don’t get bothered by pests, and
  2. Plants that produce more nutritious food.

That’s where organic fertilizers and microbial inoculants really make a big difference.

Garden Apple

About Me

My name is Phil Nauta. I’m an organic gardener.

I grew up working for my parents in their garden center.

I didn’t think I’d want to keep gardening after so many years of cutting grass and digging holes.

But I fell in love with gardening when I studied the organic approach.

My main area of interest is improving soil and plant health in order to grow organic, nutrient-dense food.