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All About Plants

Plants are brilliant.

Their brilliance is so often underestimated or even ignored, but let’s take a closer look.

SunlightAll the energy in the earth’s living systems was collected from the sun by plants (plus algae and cyanobacteria).

They photosynthesize:

They take carbon, water and nutrients from the soil and air, lounge out in the sun all day, say some kind of magic spell or something and tada — they get a bit bigger.

And then we eat them. Pretty much everyone and everything eats them. They give us energy and medicine.

It’s proven a successful life strategy for them and they will be around long after the last mega mall crumbles to the ground and the last humans have all moved to Mars.

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The Carrot: use your veggies from stem to end

by Gina Lorubbio

In the first week of October 2017, my husband Bjarke and I packed all of our belongings in a Honda Civic and set out on a 2-month road trip across the U.S. Every square inch of the trunk was methodically filled with clothes, kitchen tools, and books that we don’t need until we arrive at our destination of Ohio. The back seat holds items for everyday living—there’s my gray backpack we call “the office” wedged next to the small, white cooler we call “the fridge” that balances upon the big blue bag we call “the dresser.”

Each time we dig through bags and boxes to unearth whatever we need next, we are reminded of the volume and energy our stuff consumes. Because of that, every item we carry must serve a purpose in order to continue the journey. There are no redundancies, and we try to get full use out of everything we have.

Camp Kitchen

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4 Fall Gardening Tips

Last month, I asked some people in the SG community for some gardening tips that I could share with you.

Here are 4 that stood out for me as being especially relevant for this time of year…

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Introducing – The Gentleman Known As “New Gardener”

I have a new friend.

His name’s Tyler, but he likes to call himself NG (New Gardener).

I told him I’m opening up my online gardening course for enrolment this week and he got REALLY excited (apparently he’s been waiting for that).

And since he’s not only a handsome lumberjack-type fellow, but also quite entertaining when a camera is pointed at him, I asked him if he’d like to make a few videos this week sharing a little about his story.

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The Tomato: make time for traditions

by Gina Lorubbio

For me, the tomato will always be inextricably linked to my family’s annual tomato canning tradition.

Every year around Labor Day, we’d gather around bushels of plum tomatoes and get to work. It’s a long process—one that’s best done in the company of others. In this case, many hands make (lighter, but not exactly) light work.

Tomato Canning

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Zucchini: Share your bounty with abandon

by Gina Lorubbio

I’m no master gardener, but for each of the past four years, our raised beds have contained zucchini. It seems like the ultimate foolproof vegetable—one that can always be counted on to produce and produce and produce.


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Raspberries: Indulge in the abundance

by Gina Lorubbio

Some years, deep into July I’ll glance at my pale skin and my untouched bathing suit and snap to the realization: “Oh my gosh, it’s summer!”

As a child, summer would loudly announce itself on the last day of school. That marked a clear transition from days defined by early morning wakening and late evening homeworking to the glorious days of sleeping till ten and playing outside past dark.

When that last school bell rang, it was unquestionably, officially summer.


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Broccoli: Your body knows best

by Gina Lorubbio

“Eat your broccoli. It’s good for you.”

Has this been said to you? Perhaps you were scrunching up your face in disgust as your parent or caretaker used the health angle to get you to eat something green already.

Appealing to a person’s desire to be healthy isn’t just a tactic employed at the home dining table; it’s used by food companies and media all the time.

Your Body knows best

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