Biological Transmutation – Can Organisms Really Do This?

Biological transmutation is when organisms combine elements together to produce new elements. As to whether or not this is actually possible, that’s up for debate.

Biological Transmutation Transcript

Today I want to introduce you to the concept of biological transmutation.

This is a phenomenon that the scientific world doesn’t believe is possible. It basically defies the rules of chemistry, and even physics and biology. And maybe they’re right.

If you’re a scientist and you believe this you’re probably going to get shunned. But there is some really interesting work out there on it and I want to mention it to you.

And people have been talking about this and doing experiments on this for hundreds of years, but it was brought to the forefront by a french gentleman named Louis Kervran. He basically did a lot of experiments that he claims showed that organisms, especially microorganisms – but people have also talked about plants and even animals – being able to change, to combine, elements together to form new elements.

So an example was potassium and hydrogen combine together to make calcium. And so this is really interesting. Most people say this is impossible. In order for this to happen you can do it with a nuclear reaction, which has a lot of pressure, heat, energy.

But for an animal to do it without pressure, without that energy, without any heat, simply defies science.

So maybe that’s true, but if you want to learn more about it, his book has been translated into English and it’s called biological transmutation (or transmutations) and there’s a lot of fascinating stuff in there. My understanding is that the US army scientists also verified some of this as well.

But I also had a friend who was studying chemistry who said it was nonsense. It’s simply not possible. My opinion is that there are a lot of things that, you know the earth used to be flat right?

There are a lot of things we don’t know. I think this is possible, and I think there are some things in the book that are difficult to explain otherwise. I think it could have important implications for organic vegetable gardening.

But really I just want to introduce you to that today because I’m really interested in energy in organic gardening. Biodynamic gardening – that has a lot of weird stuff too that people say is hocus pocus but really seems to work well for some people.

Biological transmutation – just wanted you to check it out and if you’re interested, go look it up.

What do you think about this? Is it just too crazy or are scientific laws made to be broken?



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