Organic Pest Control - A Better Way

Organic pest control is more than just spraying organic herbicides on your weeds and organic garden pesticide/herbicide concoctions on your plants.

Organic garden pest control is about creating conditions in your garden so weeds and pests don't cause a problem in the first place.

This strategy is more scientific, thorough and successful than the homemade organic pest control products you will find online and in books.

It's an important topic, which is why one of the 3 main focuses of this site is "how to control insects, diseases and weeds forever without any chemicals."

And yet, I don't spend all that much time talking specifically about organic garden pest control because it gets taken care of when you learn how to properly care for your soil, fertilize, water, etc. - when you learn to create a healthy ecosystem in your organic garden.

But I occasionally write about it specifically, and here are my articles on organic gardening pest control...