Organic Plants - Exploring Their Brilliance

The organic plants in our gardens are brilliant. Their brilliance is so often underestimated or even ignored, but let’s take a closer look.

They photosynthesize: they take carbon, water and nutrients from the soil and air, lounge out in the sun all day, say some kind of magic spell or something and tada — they get a bit bigger.

And then we eat them. Pretty much every animal eats plants - organic plants. They give us energy and medicine. It’s proven a successful life strategy for them.

Plants make it rain. Plants make oxygen. Plants help make soil and then they help protect it. They are alchemists, the original pharmacists making all of our drugs.

Organic garden plants are an integral part of the soil food web in our organic gardens. Their roots work through the soil, create fresh organic matter as they constantly grow and die back, and actually dissolve rock to form soil. Their bodies turn into organic matter every autumn when the leaves fall, and also at the end of their lives.

Plants know when a storm is coming and have electromagnetic "nightmares" when it arrives. They have musical preferences. They know how you feel about them. They know when a spider is climbing up the fence beside them.

They share nutrients with each other, through the mycorrhizal fungi that not only attach to their roots, but attach to the roots of most of the other plants nearby, even miles away.

Occasionally, I write about these organic plants...