How To Use Bokashi

Bokashi is used to ferment food scraps, not just fruits and vegetables, but also meat, dairy, and anything else you have from the kitchen.

Whether you’ve purchased a bin or made your own, the process is the same. Here’s a video:

Link mentioned at end of video: How To Make Bokashi

Here’s how to add food scraps to the bokashi bin:

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How To Make Bokashi

Let’s hop right in to making our own bokashi with a video:

Link mentioned at end of video: How To Use Bokashi

Bokashi Ingredients

First, you need a substrate, like animal bedding, sawdust, rice or wheat bran.

Then, per 1-gallon of substrate:

  • 1/2 Tbsp EM or AEM (I use SCD Probiotics SCD Probiotics)
  • 1/2 Tbsp unsulfured Blackstrap Molasses or 1/4 Tbsp sugar
  • 1.5 cups water (some people use as many as 3 cups water, but 1.5 is better)
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2 Less-Known Methods To Improve Soil Fertility

In part 1, I talked about how organic matter is the most important ingredient for many gardens, and how mulch and compost are two of my favorite ways of using it.

But there are two other ways of using organic matter. The first is in some ways the most powerful of all, and the second may play an important role in reversing climate change. Let’s get into them… Read More

Organic Composting 101 – Making Compost Better

Welcome to organic composting 101.

This isn’t just a way of recycling organic waste – organic compost is actually one of the most valuable things we grow in the garden.

What is organic compost?

It just means we’re making compost from organic materials, without any added chemicals or genetically-modified ingredients or manure from animals that have received drugs, etc. Read More

Soil Sample Testing – How To Take A Soil Sample

If you’re not getting the results you’d hoped for from all areas of your organic garden, it may be time to do some soil sample testing.

I’ve talked about simple home soil tests before – there really is a lot you can see with your eyes or smell with your nose or feel with your fingers.

But sometimes the only way to get the real goods on your soil’s nutrient profile is to do some soil sample testing and send it to the experts. Read More

How To Prepare Soil For A Garden – 2 Different Ways

There are a couple of different methods of preparing soil for a garden bed, both of which have their uses.

Once you’ve dug a hole, played around with your soil a bit, and learned about your soil texture, it’s now time to start making your garden.

The first thing I want to briefly mention about how to prepare soil for a garden is what to do if you have a very extreme soil texture, i.e. very sandy or clayey. Read More

Home Soil Testing – No Need For A Soil Test Kit

Today I have a very simple home soil testing process for you.

You may be more interested in learning about topics such as:

  • How to get rid of insect and disease pests, and
  • How to grow the best-tasting tomatoes ever, and
  • Which fertilizers to apply to improve your soil

And I’m looking forward to teaching you these topics.

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What Is Soil Made Of And How Does Soil Form?

If you’ve ever wondered what is soil made of – GOOD!

You absolutely need to wonder about this kind of thing if you’re going to grow optimally healthy food.

Check out this video or read on below and you’ll see that many of our most important organic gardening tasks stem from this vital question.

And for more information on how to improve the nutrition and biological diversity of your soil, check out my organic fertilizing guide.

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