“I think you’re the most wonderful human on two feet. Honestly, someone wrote that they get cheered up listening or reading your stuff. And it’s so true. Your incredible knowledge and wonderful generosity towards the whole world is heartening in the most profound way. You are a gift to humanity! It was so great to see your video about your cherries…even sick yours were loaded with fruit! And do the best I can…I live near the ocean which is exciting, I’ll try to add seaweed and ocean water when I can. And meanwhile absorb the knowledge you so generously and intelligently provide even someone like me with so limited time. Wishing you all the wonderful health and abundance in the world!”


“Thank you so much for taking the time to make the lessons and offering them for free. I really like how easy they are to follow, and how much valuable information they offer. Thank you again. I just finished the first one, and it was so inspiring.”


“Came to your site via Dr. Mercola’s article on mycorrhizae and recognized you immediately from the video and I was soooo very, very excited to see that you have accomplished so much. Put a big smile on my face this morning to see your light and passion has not faded.”
Cheryl, Shutesbury, MA


“Thanks to the advice in your videos, this is the first year in how many that I’ve gotten a bumper crop of tomatoes, cukes & corn 🙂 ! So for anyone reading this: if you’re on the fence about Phil’s methods, let me assure you they DO work! It’s harnessing the power of nature to do for itself what it was naturally created to do using its own tools. It might be a bit more work at first, but the payoffs are worth it. Your soil is naturally replenished, your plants will be healthier, stronger, happier, & more productive & you become a more efficient, wiser gardener in the process. Thank you Phil for taking the time to share your knowledge with us in the hopes of creating a greater awareness about the importance of organic gardening.”


“What makes you special is the way you share a part of who you are with us… the trait that sets you apart in my book. To us who are getting to know you, not only through the knowledge you share, but through the way you share it in relation to the things that are meaningful to you, you create a feeling of family. The give and take of sharing what you have and eagerly taking in and sharing useful insights you receive from those in your web makes synergy happen. Once our house is built and we settle in, give us a call if you ever have the urge to hang out in our part of Texas. My Ontario born and raised husband would especially love hosting a visitor from his homeland, eh? We would both love it. Meanwhile… Appreciate ya!”
Bonnie A, Hawkins, TX


“I started reading your blog and book last year and it’s so inspiring that I started a garden a month later. Now my garden is going awesome.”
An Nhu


“I just want to personally thank you for all your efforts, email, tips, and sharing of your knowledge with us, your fellow gardeners. I’m a community garden and home gardener from Long Island, NY. The manner in which you present, simplify and inform, is excellent and your overall personality is what I love about a native Canadian. Cheers and keep smiling!”
David, Long Island, NY


“I really take to your approach on things, especially with your emphasis on soil biology and and biodiversity of the entire garden ecosystem. I am working through all your lessons and links and trying to take some notes so hopefully I can catch up to how quickly you are feeding me the information! Again I just wanted to share my thanks for all this valuable information that you are sharing with me and everyone else to help make this world a better place and to help enrich the life within it!”
Anthony Florio, Burnaby, B.C.


“Howdy from Texas, Phil! I’ve really changed my eating habits and I’m all about organic gardening. I am reading about aquaponics and I’ve even started to harvest my own earthworms and castings. We are growing much of our own food and it makes a tremendous difference. I have been given a second chance and I am a new man. Btw, I’ve lost 38 pounds since December of last year and it’s still coming off. Young man, you are doing a terrific job with your videos. This first lesson is just wonderful and it is something I have always suspected. The difference between the “old me” and the “new me” is that back in the day I knew I didn’t feel well and that “something” was wrong. But I just didn’t believe there was a darned thing I could do about it. Now I know better and thanks to folks like you, I becoming a much more informed consumer. Hats off to you my friend. We are truly looking forward to more of your insights and teaching! Best regards to you and yours,”
Ben Gallegos & family, Texas


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Lynne Marie Sullivan
Sharon, Ontario


“I want to thank you from one gardener to another for your generosity of spirit, providing the free course and book excerpt. I will read it well, as I am an absolute devotee to soil and microbes, having seen the difference this makes in my own garden, over and above an organic approach.”
Trish McGill, Australia


“Your site is loaded with great info (can’t imagine the academy). Now I also understand why proper calcium levels are important- and how to supplement that. Your insights on things like balanced soil, pest control, 10-10-10 vs. broad spectrum ferts are concepts I will always employ in my gardening. Thank you – this is an excellent site.”


“Phil Nauta is a lifeline of knowledge and patience in the often mutinous transition from a chemically treated lawn to a self-sufficient one. Quite honestly, I couldn’t have done it without Phil’s input and support. East-Courtenay is a little greener and healthier because of him.”
Eric Servizi, Jim’s Mowing


“You have been a source of wisdom, encouragement, humour, and influence for me in the past year. I am so glad you are in my circle!”
Marilyn Bowker, Duncan, B.C.


“I look forward to reading your blog every time. The information that you bring is always fabulous and I really appreciate every bit of it.”
Donna Wells, Vancouver, B.C.


“Your information helps me to have the facts when I talk to my customers and potential customers. The things I tell them, as an organic practitioner, is contrary to what they hear from most other professionals. The more facts I can come up with the better to convert their thinking. Keep all your stuff coming, I read every word and couldn’t agree with you more.”
Patti Mair, Lynnwood, Washington


“Thanks for continuing to send the newsletter. I receive a few newsletters from others but usually disregard. Yours is the only one I actually read & then sometimes pass it on to those I know who would appreciate it.”
Catherine Jamieson, The Constant Gardener


“Your improved website is absolutely grand. There’s so much pertinent and important information to be had. And it’s written with such wonderfully understated intelligence. Thank you as always for your wonderful service.”
Linda Evans, Salt Spring Island


“Thank you so much Phil for your advice regarding my problematic compost. The Activated EM and Penergetic Preparation you provided helped turn a smelly and potentially harmful situation into a pleasant pile of healthy, nutritious organic matter that I confidently use in my garden beds. I also applied your products over my leaf mulch and you can just see the leaves disappear into the soil while rich black earthworm castings are popping up everywhere. What a difference organic matter and microbes have made to a garden that was parched and dead-looking only two years ago! And congratulations on your re-designed and updated web site! It is essential reading for anyone serious about organic gardening. What I especially like about it, besides the solid information, is the nice calm tone, and how your respectful but 100% dedicated attitude is shining through. I’m sending the link to all my students, clients, and colleagues.”
Christina Nikolic, Victoria, BC


“The endomycorrhizal fungi that Janice and I got from you last month has been incredibly effective. I’m particularly surprised by how quickly roses react to it. After inoculation, the roses I treated dropped all their diseased leaves and flushed out in new healthy growth. I’ve treated my own plants and several client ‘rose gardens’ now with the same encouraging results.”
Kathy Cruzelle, Victoria, BC


“This has been such a great experience, just reading your website, thank you so much.”
Tina Barabonoff, Langford, BC


“Just wanted to say I love your site, your messages, and the love you have for what you do. It’s a breath of fresh air among all the bad-news emails I get daily. I think you have a valuable, unique point of view, and I anxiously await the opening of the academy.”
Susan Kulis


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Gabriel Kehdi, Brazil


“I live in San Diego and am loving your website and all of your helpful info. Thanks and ‘happy growing’.”


“I am terribly touched and impressed by all your sound hard work and generosity in sharing. This is a beginning organic gardener’s (like me!) dream.”


“What I like about your gardening (and talking about it) is your enthusiasm, your youth (if you excuse me), and your…. address. I live in central europe (central poland) and we have really cold climate sometimes… oh, i envy people with more warmth around, especially today, middle march, when my soil is still frozen deep down and there is no green to be seen outdoors. Thank you, Mr Phil for your work and your generosity :))”


“Hey Phil. Just wanted to let you know that I have been getting the lessons. Learning a lot of new things that will make this years garden my best ever.thanks for all the great info.”


“Thank you very much to your inspiring information from your site that helps me more knowledge on organic farming. Presently, I am working with a development organization here in Caraga Region, Philippines doing sustainable agriculture program with several farmer communities. In line with this, we have a planned of making advocacy material on organic farming for the farmers. I’m asking your consent that one your topic will be a part of our source material.”
Titing, Philippines


“Thank You for all of your posted videos. I love your enthusiasm for gardening! You taught me very valuable information in feeding my family in a more healthy way with our garden.”
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“Phil, I have never heard of the things you are talking about. I am so excited to try. Thanks for all the information you have given me. I am definitely interested in your academy!”
Joy, Idaho


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Charles, Alabama


“Thank you for all the fascinating things I have learned from you. I am working hard to follow your guidelines in my organic gardens. I think the information about beneficial microorganisms has been the best for me! Happy gardening,”


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“Phil, teaching my Grandkids organic gardening. Love your comments and info. Just signed up for your academy.”


“Phil – I always love getting the emails with your latest bits of gardening news/advice. One of the best things about your writing is the simple way you state things. It’s clear and everyone can understand the concepts. It seems very honest. It feels like you’re conversing with us on the topic of gardening, while possibly taking a stroll through your yard or garden.”


“Your writing is fine. It is genuine, educational, pleasant and hospitable without being “noisy.” From what I’ve been seeing, you are a great writer and teacher.”


“Your writing has a clean authentic style with humour, openness and generosity : great stuff!”


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Jean, PC


“I love the paradigm shift. Gardening for health and wholeness feels much better than trying to kill things even if we see it as protecting the defenseless.”
Kendra, Eugene, OR


“I love your online course – it reinforces what I learned in the OMG course and Heather’s online cooking classes are just what I need in the kitchen – you two are great!”
Nancy, Port Alberni, BC


“Hi, Phil! I am so enjoying, and learning so much from, your lessons on organic gardening! I have shifted my paradym from natural ways to get rid of insects to making the soil and the plants as healthy as possible. I like that idea and emphasis so much better!”


“Thank you very much for this valuable information. I found your lesson is answering many of my questions 🙂 Healthy soil means healthy plants and feeding the soil is the basis for plant nutrition.”


“Key Phil I love your posts. I am just 20 years old and you have given me years of skills a head of learning from people and the land. My knowledge of plant physiology leads me to belive that what you are saying is true.”


“I love that you give such an honest and respectful reply even to those comments you don’t agree with. It helps to see those comments responded to so I’m not left wondering. haha. Your tips over the past year or so have helped me immensely! I can’t thank you enough. I recommend you to everyone i know. :)”


“Thank you for your many generous ideas, tips, education.”
Kristine, A happy Gardner in Carmel, CA


“Hi Phil, I have learned so much from you! You are a terrific teacher, thank you for helping us all become better gardeners! Best wishes for a beautiful summer,”


“So glad I found you while doing a Google search on organic gardening. Thank you so much for putting out these classes and for free! I look forward to learning a bunch and improving my soil, which is my main priority for my vegetable garden. I look forward to the next 15 lessons!”
Debbie, Sacramento, CA


“Just thought I’d let you know that I have been enjoying your gardening videos and look forward to learning more from your academy. I keep feeling that the longer I garden the more there is for me to know. There is so much to understand about the complex process that is happening in my plants! So I was happy to come across your videos this morning. Thanks so much.”


“Looking forward to the free lessons I’ve been gardening in las Vegas NV for the past 5 years but just started organic this past spring! Looking to plant a fall garden since I’m in zone 8 and typically have mild winters. Thanks for your web site!”
Linda, Las Vegas, NV


“Your lessons are OFF THE CHARTS! Bravo to you. I had a few head slapping moments and was feeling the “DUH” why didn’t I think of that. I wished I had the time to just sit here and read everything at once and check out all of your links. Thank you ever so much!”
Susan, Merced CA


“Awe I love this series! Your sister is too cute and now when I go to work in my garden I think I’ll do the little foot dance lol looking forward to the next video. Great information here! Thanks.”


“I am new to the smiling gardener way of gardening but In just one month I have seen amazing results! Thanks for sharing.”
Mary Ann