We can’t look at soil management without also looking at garden water management.

While perhaps not as exciting as say, the latest organic fertilizer or microbial inoculant, garden water management is more important.
Proper water management comes before these other topics and is one of the most important things we do.

What is often overlooked is that all living species in our garden need water. Sure, it’s a great idea to provide a water source for birds and other animals, but I’m referring here to the whole soil food web.

Insects, earthworms and microbes all need water. It’s vital for the health of the garden that they have enough water. Remember, they make good soil and feed and protect plants.

Here are my articles on garden water management…

Drip water irrigation
A sprinkler is usually much better than drip water irrigation

I’ve talked about the problems of drip water irrigation before and today I’ll talk about what you should use instead.

Why Does Everyone Say to Use Drip Water Irrigation?

It is rare to find criticisms of drip water irrigation other than that they are expensive or that they clog up.

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