The Organic Gardening Collection

--- 22 long-ish lessons ---

This one is still in progress - I posted half of it in 2018 and will post the rest throughout 2019.

When it's done, it will be the most comprehensive series on the site, so you'll need at least a rainy weekend to go through it all.

Free Organic Gardening Course

--- 20 lessons, shorter than the ones above ---

The topics in this series are similar to the series up above (that's what happens when you write and make videos about gardening for a decade), but it's all very useful info.

And it's good to go over this stuff multiple times anyway, so I encourage you to check it out. It's a good one.

Oops, I Got The Flu

--- 5 lessons, each with a video ---

I really like this little series. I caught a nasty flu – my first one in at least 10 years.

And as a result, I doubled down my efforts to grow more nutritious food in order to make sure I didn't get the flu again, and I made this series to show the process.

Soil & Soil Food Web

--- 10 lessons, fairly short, most without videos ---

In this series, I mostly cover the biological side of soil improvement.

That includes composting and using microbial inoculants in the garden.

All About Fertilizing

--- 9 lessons ---

This is more the chemistry side of things. Not all plants need fertilizer, but when you're trying to grow especially nutrient-dense food, it can really help.

This series is about when to fertilize, what to use, where to buy it, and how to apply it.

All About Plants

--- 8 lessons ---

How to choose plants, how to plant plants, and just a bunch of interesting and useful things to know about plants.

That includes how plants respond to music, how they may know what you're thinking, and how they defend themselves.

Biointensive Gardening

--- 9 lessons, each with a short video ---

Do you want to grow a lot of food, in a small space, using not too many resources?

If you're willing to put in some work in order to accomplish that, biointensive gardening may be for you.