Paramagnetic Rock Dust – Secret To Healthy Plants?

Paramagnetic Rock Dust

What is paramagnetic rock dust? Well, let’s start with paramagnetism.

The soil in your organic garden is paramagnetic. It isn’t magnetic, but is mildly attracted by a magnet and partially aligns with the earth’s magnetic field, so it’s paramagnetic. Some soils are attracted more than others, and generally, the more paramagnetic your soil is, the better.

This is apparently because highly paramagnetic soils are more energetically aligned with the earth and even the universe, and actually invite energy into them.

Increased paramagnetism brings:

  • better water retention in the soil
  • increased earthworm and microbial action
  • better nutrient utilization in plants
  • improved seed germination
  • resistance to predators
  • resistance to environmental stresses.

Plants are diamagnetic, which means they’re repelled by a magnet.

It may be a good thing, too, because it gives the soil and plants a kind of yin-yang relationship. The energy from a highly paramagnetic soil flows into plants, vastly improving their growth. This energy also improves microbial growth.

Many soils are relatively low on the paramagnetism scale. In these soils, it will always be a struggle to raise healthy plants and nutrient-dense food. You can measure yours with a PC soil meter, named after Dr. Phil Callahan, who spent decades studying paramagnetism in soils and rocks around the world.

He discovered that the most productive soils are highly paramagnetic.

I’ve had an opportunity to play with the meter and it’s fascinating, but costs about $500, so for most of us home organic gardeners it just makes sense to assume our soil could use a little more paramagnetism. His book Paramagnetism is a very interesting read if you want more information.

How To Increase Soil Paramagnetism

Moving the calcium to magnesium ratio towards ideal with the appropriate organic fertilizers will increase the paramagnetism, and organic soils with more organic matter and an abundant soil food web are often higher on the scale, too.

The way to increase it even more, though, is by adding paramagnetic rock dust, generally from volcanic, granite or basalt sources.

If you were thinking of adding rock dust anyway, you can get both the mineral benefits and energy benefits by using a paramagnetic rock dust.

Most rock is paramagnetic, but you need one that is highly paramagnetic. Even then, sometimes you get a big boost in plant growth and health, and sometimes not, but it’s worth just going ahead and trying it in a small vegetable garden.

It can be somewhat difficult to find paramagnetic dust in some areas, but if you’re growing a lot of food, it’s worth it. There are many brands on the market. Application rates are the same as for any rock dust, generally between 50 and 500 pounds per 1000 square feet.

Update: I now sell a basalt rock dust here. I know basalt is paramagnetic, but I’m not sure just how paramagnetic mine is at this point.



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