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Hi, my name is Phil. I'm an organic gardener, and I'm super excited you found me!

I'd like to help you grow a healthy organic garden, whether that be a few containers on your windowsill or a full-fledged permaculture design in your backyard.

On this page I'll show you where to go from here...

15 Organic Gardening Lessons

The first thing I suggest you do is pick up my '15 FREE Organic Gardening Lessons For Becoming A Better Gardener.'

In them, I'll show you the important steps to installing an organic garden, with a bit of a focus on an organic vegetable garden.

Along with it, I'll give you a free ebook called 'The Holistic Gardening Handbook'. More info here...

15 FREE Lessons

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Phil: Hey guys, my name is Phil and this, is my garden. I'm a certified organic gardener, author of the gardening book, “Building Soils Naturally” and I run a website called where I show you how to grow a healthy organic pest-free, chemical-free garden step-by-step.

I want to share with you some really important tips for your garden and that could be a big organic garden in your backyard or maybe just a few containers you have on your balcony.

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Now, onto the how. How do we make our plants so healthy that insects and disease predators don’t want to look at them? How do we make them so healthy that we get the proteins and the vitamins and the minerals that we need?

First, increase the organic matter content of your soil with high quality compost and mulches like leaves and straw and cover crops like vetch with the beautiful flowers and clover and grains. Organic matter brings so many benefits into your soil

Two, increase the fertility balance of your soil with certain mineral fertilizers like lime or rock-phosphate, but you need to use the right ones. A lot of times people will bring in things like dolomite lime or certain potassium sources, which even though they're organic, they can cause major problems in your soil.

Three, this part is very interesting. This is where organic gardening is heading. You want to increase the diversity of beneficial organisms in your soil with again, high quality compost but also microbial inoculants like compost tea and effective microorganisms.

When you do all of these things, you get rid of most of your pests and weeds. You'll have healthier flowers, you'll have more nutritious food and I want to help you with that. So I have two things for you today.

The first, if you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel yet, you can do that right here by clicking here and I will give you more detailed videos and all these things I've been talking about today.

If you want to get into this stuff in more detail, I've created a free rather in-depth e-book called "The Holistic Gardening Handbook" and a free online organic gardening course. You can get them both by going to the link in the description below. They're both free, so I hope you'll go check them out now.

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