The lessons on this website apply to both organic vegetable gardening and organic ornamental gardening.

But since many of us are becoming more and more interested in growing food, my examples often center around vegetable gardens. We know that most produce from the grocery store doesn’t have the nutrition it used to, and we’re excited to learn about organic vegetable gardening methods which allow us to grow our own nutrient-dense organic foods.

We can grow food that has many, many times more nutrients than the food in the grocery store — even the food from the organic section. For this, we need healthy soil, and it doesn’t happen by itself. It’s crafted like a work of art.

It doesn’t happen just by composting, fertilizing or companion planting. It happens through a holistic approach that integrates many disciplines.

With big business getting involved in organic food, it is no longer always more nutritious than conventional food because it’s grown with industrial farming methods that don’t focus on creating healthy plants.

That’s not to put down the thousands of organic producers who are trying to grow more nutritious food. Many of them are succeeding and we should definitely buy from them.

The point of this website, however, is that we can do even better in our own backyards with organic vegetable gardening. We can grow more nutritious food than can be found in the store and market.

Here are my articles on organic vegetable gardening…