The Number 1 Problem With Organic Pest Control

I know people come searching here for organic pest control methods, and I occasionally mention a few specific techniques, but mostly I talk about a far more important concept that pretty much gets rid of pests altogether.

Organic Pest Control Transcript

Today I’m talking about organic pest control.

Let’s say we have a garden here, a beautiful organic garden. And what I want to talk about is, the natural pest control industry for gardens is doing pretty well. People are switching from the old toxic products to more natural products.

And that’s a good thing, we don’t want to be using these toxic products anymore. But there are a few issues still with this and I just want to talk about one today.

So let’s say we have an insect coming in to eat our beautiful vegetable garden, and in the past we might have had something like DDT in agriculture or things like malathion. There are hundreds of insecticides that we would spray onto our plants and then when the insect came and ate that or consumed that, they would die.

So now we’re switching from DDT to something more like maybe Rotenone, which is still not a benign substance, but it’s more natural. It’s allowed under some organic standards, and so we’re switching to that.

So that’s okay, but the main problem I see with this is that we’re still focusing on killing this pest instead of the root cause of the problem (and we do this in many things, not just organic gardening).

But the root cause of the problem, why this insect is coming to eat our plants, is because our plants are unhealthy for some reason. It can be any number of reasons and that’s what my whole website is about. It’s about making healthy soil and healthy plants.

But killing this insect doesn’t make the plants healthy, and so there’s always gonna be more insects that come in. So all I want to say today is that we really need to focus on health management, what we call garden health management instead of garden pest management.

These organic pest control products, maybe they’re a step in the right direction, but they’re really missing the point altogether which is we need to create health in our organic gardens. And that’s all I wanted to say today. I just wanted to make that one point.

If you sign up for my 15 vital lessons for becoming an organic gardener, which many of you have already, but you can do that right on the home page of my website. That’s where I talk about this in the very first lesson.

I talk about this in more detail so that you can actually understand what I’m talking about, but I wanted to keep it quick today.

And that’s all I wanted to say about organic pest control for now. Does this make sense to you?



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