Should You Plant Early Or Wait With These High Temps?

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Two very cool things have happened this week, and I’m pretty much freaking out with excitement:

  1. Winter became spring for a few minutes and then turned into summer (we had picnics outside every day this week!)
  2. The Smiling Gardener Academy launched yesterday (more people have joined than I had anticipated and everything seems to be going great so far!)

1. Record-Breaking Temperatures

Where I live, we’ve been breaking records for the highest temperatures every recorded in March.

It’s cooler today, but most of North and South America have been hotter than normal in the last 2 months, and the eastern half of the U.S. and up into Canada are going crazy, with more than 2000 broken records so far this month (apparently because of a combined further-north-than-usual jet stream and a huge high pressure system).

So of course I subconsciously inferred this is going on all over the world, but it doesn’t usually work like that.

Europe and parts of Asia have been extremely cold, and Australia is at the tail end of a cool summer. The western coastal U.S. and Canada have been slightly below normal, too.

Still, much of North America is in spring/summer weather right now, so should you plant early?

Actually, it’s generally best to stick close to historical averages for your planting dates. Where you live, perhaps this is the normal planting time, which means you can go ahead.

But where I live, it could still go below freezing for the next couple of months, and the soil certainly isn’t warm enough for planting, so although I’m itching to start seeds and get digging, I’m not going to rush.

Certainly if you’re in the same boat as me, you could put out some bulbs this weekend, and you could seed some early seeds like lettuce, greens and peas, but I advise against planting the bulk of your food garden now.

And if your soil is wet, it’s generally best to stay away until it dries out before getting in there and playing.

2. The Smiling Gardener Academy

Girl With Flower

I started shooting videos for the Academy about 12 months ago. I worked hard on it for 6 months and was ready to launch, but the timing didn’t feel right.

Most of the people who are interested in it weren’t thinking about organic gardening much anymore in October.

So I delayed the launch and have been patiently waiting for this time all winter.

If you have any interest at all in turning your organic garden into a paradise of beauty and nutrient-dense food, I hope you will join me in the Academy. Here’s why:

  • My best thinking goes into the Academy.
  • It’s very inexpensive if you get in now.
  • There are a couple of very cool bonuses.
  • You get your money back if you don’t love it.

I truly believe this is the most valuable online resource available for organic gardeners who want to grow the best gardens possible, especially those who want to grow organic food.

Question: What’s the weather like where you are this weekend and what are you doing in the garden?



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