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Phil: Hey guys, it’s Phil from and for those of you who follow me, you may know that I spend almost all of my time filming videos that go into my online gardening course and it just has turned out so far that I rarely have enough time to film videos to put out for free on YouTube or on my public website. So what I am going to do, what I’ve done is I’ve hired someone to help me just get my butt in gear, like filming a few more videos and she’s going to help me with a little bit of editing, a little bit of writing here and there and just odds and ends stuff. So this video is just to introduce her. So why don’t you introduce yourself.

H: I am H and I am Phil’s younger sister.

Phil: Yeah, everybody thinks you are older, because maybe you are more mature or something, but you are four years younger, right?

H: Yup, I am.

Phil: So let’s tell people just where you learned about gardening and that kind of stuff.

H: So I basically had the same start that Phil had growing up, working in my parents' garden center and quite fell in love with that. So after that, I ended up going to college and studying horticulture there.

Phil: What kind of classes that you take there?

H: I did a lot of different plant identification classes, soils, greenhouse management, turf management, arboriculture, things like that.

Phil: It was like, that was a two-year degree, right?

H: Yeah, two years, yeah.

Phil: And that wasn’t organic. So neither you or I were organic when we were younger but I started an organic gardening business and then you eventually took that over when I moved to the West Coast, right?

H: Yeah, I mean basically, I didn’t start learning about organic gardening until Phil did and then he kind of passed that torch over to me when I took over his business.

Phil: So the other thing is where are you right now?

H: Now I am in Amsterdam, I am in the Netherlands, and I am back in school, doing another degree over here.

Phil: So what are you studying?

H: I am studying psychology.

Phil: Yeah, cool, so not gardening but you are still -- like whenever you are back home, you are always doing gardening jobs.

H: Inevitably, right?

Phil: So that’s just a quick video today. So you guys could do me a big favor and welcome my sister down in the comments below, maybe tell us where you’re gardening, where you are from and just welcome my sister to the gardening group here.

H: Yeah!

As you may know, I’ve been rather busy for the past 2 years filming videos for the Academy.

It's been loads of fun, but it means I rarely get around to doing free videos, and sometimes it's 3 or more weeks between blog posts.

So I've finally decided to get a bit of help. I'm still doing everything around here, just with a bit of help from... my sister! I’ll let her introduce herself:

Hi everybody! I'm Phil's younger sister.

I'm super excited about helping Phil out with odds and ends around here, which may be some videos, a bit of writing/editing, and whatever else he needs.

My gardening story begins a lot like my brother’s. I grew up working in my parents’ garden center which is where I started to learn about gardening.

After high school, I went on to study Horticulture in college. There, I took classes in arboriculture, plant identification, soils, greenhouse management, etc.

It wasn’t until after that that I became passionate about organic gardening. Phil had his own organic gardening business, which he passed on to me in 2007.

Following in his footsteps I learned the organic way of doing things and fell in love with this entirely different approach.

This is when I became a smiling gardener, too! I love wet, wiggling earthworms, juicy red tomatoes and rich, dark soils. Dirty fingernails have become a regular part of my life!

Like many gardeners, much of my experience has come from the numerous hours I’ve spent playing in my own vegetable garden.

And then there's the many years doing it professionally... although, having Phil as a brother has probably been the biggest contribution to my understanding of garden health.

Aside from organic gardening I'm interested in health and nutrition and I'm currently living in the Netherlands.

I’ve been in Amsterdam for nearly three years now where I'm studying psychology at the University of Amsterdam.

Please give a warm welcome to H in the comments below and let us know where you're gardening!