Academy Upgrade

To upgrade, all you need to do is figure out how many sections you want to sign up for.

Here’s the list of 12 sections:

  1. Soil
  2. Fertilizing
  3. Inoculants
  4. O.M.
  5. Plants 1
  6. Plants 2
  7. Foods
  8. Design
  9. Expand
  10. Pests
  11. Maintain
  12. Twelve

As an example, let’s say you currently have access to the 1st 4. If you want the rest of the course, you would change the quantity below to 8. Or if you don’t want the rest of the course, you can do any number less than 8. In this example, if you chose 2, I would add you to Plants 1 and Plants 2.

Note that I have to manually add you to the new sections, which I’ll usually do within a few hours.

Also note that, unless you sign up for the rest of the course your subscription will automatically continue. And you can upgrade manually as often as you want.

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