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Soil Nutrient Testing - 2 Ways To Approach It

Soil Nutrient Testing

My first year as an professional organic gardener wasn't always easy.

My mind was full of all this incredible information I had learned studying organic gardening the previous year, but I didn't yet have the experience, especially with more advanced things like soil nutrient testing and fixing problem lawns.

I had plenty of experience as more of a conventional gardener, but that is quite different. Now I had (and wanted) to do things without any chemicals.


Plant Diseases And Pests - A Lack Of Pesticides?

Plant Diseases And Pests
Plant diseases and human diseases have similar causes

When I first started teaching organic gardening, I was told not to draw parallels between plant diseases and pests in the garden and human diseases, for fear of offending people.

It was one thing to teach people that plant diseases attack only unhealthy plants, but to hear most human diseases attack unhealthy people can be just too much to take.

This is especially true since most of us have someone close who has had one of the major diseases, and it could come across that I was faulting them for getting the disease.


Pesticide Side Effects - An Insecticide Is Not Just That

There are many pesticide side effects, but an important one that a lot of people don't know about is the effect of pesticides on non-target organisms.


Sustainable Fertilizer - Should We Use Lime Deposits?

Is Lime Sustainable Fertilizer?

Mining limestone is big business, but does it give us a sustainable fertilizer?

The world's biggest limestone quarry is right near the top of the state of Michigan on Lake Huron. It's 7000 acres, roughly half the size of Manhattan.

I'm not sure how much of the material from this particular quarry goes toward agriculture, but lime is one of the most important fertilizers in organic gardening.


Photosynthesis Simple Explanation For Gardeners

This photosynthesis simple explanation is good for gardeners to understand, just so we know the very basics of how a plant eats and what we can do to help.


Home Soil Test Kits - Are They Worth Your Time?

Garden centers occasionally sell home soil test kits, but are they accurate or are you better off sending your soil test sample to a soil lab?


Today I Define Humus And Why It Rocks My Pants Off

Define humus: The organic component of soil, formed by the decomposition of leaves and other plant material by soil microorganisms.

That's according to Google and it's basically accurate, although if we're getting nit-picky:

  • Humus isn't the only "organic component of soil"
  • It's not just leaves and plant material (it's anything that was once living)
  • Insects and animals are involved in this decomposition process, too.


Biological Transmutation - Can Organisms Really Transmute Elements?

Biological transmutation is when organisms combine elements together to produce new elements. As to whether or not this is actually possible, that's up for debate.


The Number 1 Problem With Organic Pest Control

I know people come searching here for organic pest control methods, and I occasionally mention a few specific techniques, but mostly I talk about a far more important concept that pretty much gets rid of pests altogether.


Vegetable Garden - 5 Tips For The Healthiest Vegetables

Before I studied organic gardening, I had hardly considered growing food. Now, the vegetable garden is my main focus.

Vegetable Garden

This page is my main hub for introducing you to some important concepts on how to grow organic, so be sure to bookmark it.

The cool thing I've learned is that a vegetable garden doesn't have to be a weedy rectangle with straight rows and wide paths in the back corner of your property.


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